Tony’s Place and YARC Join Forces To Assist Homeless Youth

Tony’s Place has begun a new and important collaboration with The Salvation Army’s Young Adult Resource Center (YARC) to serve young people who are experiencing homelessness.​​

​The two organizations are moving from their current locations to begin sharing space at their new campus at 1603 McGowen Street in July.  Each will maintain its separate identity, while providing services that complement those of the other.

“The Salvation Army’s mission is to serve those most in need, without discrimination, and to meet the need of its local community,” said Major Kent Davis, Area Commander for The Salvation Army of Greater Houston. “Through this collaboration with Tony’s Place, we will be able to provide more services to the young adults who reach out to us for help.”

Better Serving Youth

​“This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to advance our mission of serving LGBT youth,” said Al Amado, Tony’s Place Board Chair.  “The Salvation Army’s YARC program has been at the forefront of caring for the needs of youth experiencing homelessness for many years and has been a community thought leader in this area.”

​YARC will reopen at the McGowen campus July 10.  YARC will be open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  After moving from its original location on Montrose Boulevard, Tony’s Place will reopen July 14 at McGowen.  It will be open Noon – 5 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

​The two groups share similar missions. YARC connects homeless young adults 18-25 to housing, education and job training. Other services include emergency meals, job coaching and tutoring.

​Tony’s Place started as a drop-in center for LGBT youth up to 24years old who do not have stable housing.  Its services to members have included hot meals, showers, laundry, clothing and use of computers. Tony’s Place is named for the late community leader Tony Carroll.

Strategic Partnership

​“We stepped in as new players in the area, focusing on LGBT youth, and YARC has consistently been a wonderful strategic partner. With our tighter collaboration at the same location, we expect to be able to provide targeted, case management for our members instead of just providing basic services under a drop-in center model ,” Tony’s Place Board Chair Amado noted.

“Being on the same campus leverages the resources of both organizations, and that helps our clients more, while maximizing our resources. This now gives us the ability to tailor our programs and focus more on the special needs of LGBT youth, while still serving all youth in need.”

YARC Program Manager Rafael Sarango added,  “We are looking forward to not only being able to help even more young adults experiencing homelessness, but also be able to provide them with even more resources than before, thanks to this collaboration with Tony’s Place.”

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